First Perspective – June 2017


  No doubt, all of us have heard the proverb, “Train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are old, they will not depart from it.”  (Proverbs 22:6) There seems to be a lot of concern for the environment in which our children are raised.  We try to give them the best we can so they will have a better chance of growing up with the opportunities necessary to live a fulfilling life. 

I hear many laments from parents (including myself) about all the bad influences which stalk our children.  It’s frightening to think of all the things which influence those young minds which are being shaped for life.  We try to use all those “teachable moments” as best we can to give our young people some good foundations for life.

The other day, I had a moment to daydream.  I was thinking of the summers I enjoyed as a child.  I thought of going to the lake.  There were so many fascinating things awaiting me on each visit.  One thing which fascinated me the most was a piece of driftwood which hung on the wall of my uncle’s parent’s lake home.  This piece of driftwood was in the shape of an overhand knot.

Many times, I wondered how a tree could take on such a shape.  Then, one day, I was told many years before during an extended dry spell some people would, without giving it much of a thought, tie a sapling in a knot to mark the receding shoreline.

Those “markings” had long been forgotten until one day this “knot” washed up on the shore.  One seemingly unimportant action long ago had indeed left its mark for all of time.

While I fret and stew over all those bad influences which lie in wait to prey upon our children (even though they are both older and stretching their wings a bit), as well as other children, I need also to be aware of my actions.  For often, it’s my actions –  especially those done without thinking –  which leave a lasting impression upon a “bendable” mind.

Without thinking, we train our children when we make cutting remarks about other people, when we don’t make good on our promises, when we back out of commitments we’ve made in order to accept an invitation which looks like it would be more fun, when we sleep in on Sunday rather than getting up for worship, when we religiously avoid being involved in the work and activity of our church, and the list goes on and on.  We DO train our children!  Sadly, however, it’s often without thinking about what we ARE teaching them.  Then, one day, the fruit of our teaching washes up at our feet.

Perhaps it would be good for all of us – young and old – to post this proverb on our refrigerators and other places where it would be seen frequently.  In this way, it would remind us of the fact we are training up young people even when we aren’t aware we are teaching.  This is true whether one has children or not.  This is true whether one is still in school or well up in years.  This is true even if many consider one to still be a child.  There are many who will look to us for an example as to how one should live.  What is it we are teaching?

            God bless you in your life and ministry!

                                      Pastor Mike

Lutheran Men in Mission Gathering
July 21-23, 2017
Minneapolis, MN

Every couple of years, men from all over the country gather together for a weekend huddle that is called the BOLD GATHERING!

In 2017, join us in Minneapolis to be encouraged, to worship, and to connect and serve!

Hundreds of us will be gathering in the Minneapolis Marriott City Center to celebrate being bold daring followers of Jesus Christ!

Go to for more information.

JUNE 25-30, 2017

WHO: Youth who have completed 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade who want to engage in deeper conversations about faith, community, and vocation; and can attend the entire week of the Augsburg College Youth Theology Institute (ACYTI).

WHEN: Sunday afternoon June 25, 2017 – Friday noon June 30, 2017

2017 Theme: America has often been referred to as a melting pot of cultures, races and ethnicities. Yet, as we have seen in recent events, we are not being melted and molded into one similar people. We are different, and our differences are beautiful – race, gender identity, skin tone, religion, ethnicity, sexual identity, body shape, etc. – this is God’s mosaic. A gift to our world. Together we will explore the sociological theories, biblical narratives, and theological frameworks that help us see, appreciate, engage and celebrate the beauty of diversity in God’s world.

Courses: All students will be enrolled in a 2-hour morning class taught by a sociology professor and will choose 2-hour afternoon class on theology or bible. The bible course will cover biblical texts that show us how and why God desires difference. The theology class will explore a variety of theologies from populations who are usually marginalized. All three of these classes will meet on Monday – Thursday of this week (Four 2-hour sessions).

COST: $250.00

Go to for more information.


Church  Mowing  Sign-up

The Sign-up sheets are up if you would like to sign up for mowing the Church lawn.  This has worked very well in the past.  One may pick one week or more, as their schedule permits, to mow the lawn.  (Please write your name through the whole week you choose.)

We truly appreciate the many people who have helped us out in the past.  All your time and energy has kept our church facility looking nice throughout the summer.

LutheranArts Reformation Hymn Festival
July 9, 2017 – 4:00 p.m.
Central Lutheran Church – Minneapolis, MN

On Sunday, July 9, 4 PM, Central Lutheran will host the LutheranArts Reformation Hymn Festival.  Three new Martin Luther Reformation hymns and anthems will be premiered in this worship service.  New music for a new age.

New Reformation Symphony Premiere with the Minnesota Orchestra
November 3-5, 2017
Minneapolis, MN

Martin Luther’s hammer rang out 500 years ago as he pounded his declaration of faith to the Wittenberg church door, and we mark the anniversary of this occasion with music inspired by Luther’s revolution.


Pathways Village August 16-20 2017 at Camp Emmaus  

The theme of Wet, Wild and Reforming will focus on times of study and reflection on Being a Reforming Church led by Rev. Jodi Houge, a dynamic speaker and story teller from Humble Walk mission development congregation, a congregation filled with people on the last train out of Christianity who have decided to give it one more go.  Jodi’s husband Nate Houge will be worship leader.  Pathways Village is a very relaxed time away for families and people with supervised activities for children and recreational choices in addition to opportunity for study and reflection.  Come for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days.

Fall Reading/Faith Formation (and optional fly-fishing) days October 8-11 at Camp Emmaus

This is an opportunity for a low-key way to accomplish some self-directed continuing education, enjoy the beautiful Camp Emmaus north woods fall surroundings and unwind a bit.  There will be some relaxed times for worship and group sharing available.  Participants can bring reading material of their choice.  During these days, there will be an optional fly-fishing and spiritual reflection track offered with expert fly-fishing instruction (gear provided) available and some reading suggestions.  This time away will begin in the evening on Sunday and run through mid-morning on Wednesday.

From Isaac Mills:  Thank you for the beautiful quilt that you gave to me on Senior Recognition Sunday, and for awarding me the Selma Fodstad Scholarship.  I have been very blessed to attend First Lutheran Church all of my life.  My faith is the most important thing in my life and I am very thankful for everything our church has done for me to help my relationship with God grow stronger every day.  I know the quilt and scholarship money will both help me further my education at Bemidji State University next fall.


Courtney Kotts and Luke Thompson were married at First Lutheran on Sunday, May 28th at 3:00 PM with Rev. and Michael Schendel and Rev Dale Finstrom officiating.   Parents are Garry & Sharon Kotts and Keith & Julie Thompson.  Grandparents are Charlene Kotts, Willard & Diane Kotts, and Herman & Camilla Thompson.  A memory candle was lit to honor those who were not able to be with them as they were wed.  It was in memory of Glen & Clarice Brinkman and Robert & Helen Crippen.

June 18th – Faith Community Closet

The FCC will be open on June 14th from 5:30-8:00 PM.


Date Name
06/03 Debra Benson
06/04 Madalynn Weberg
06/05 Davis Mills
06/05 Betty Pikop
06/06 Conner Jensen
06/08 Angela Mills
06/09 Luther Johnson
06/10 Madison Woinarowicz
06/13 Ralph Swendseid
06/15 Darlene Bates
06/16 Yvonne Kazmierczak
06/25 Melanie McGlynn
06/25 John Thorkildson
06/25 Ethel Thorlacius
06/26 Cheri Douglas

Birth Announcements
If you would like a birth announcement included in the bulletin, please provide details to Nina Platt or email

June 24, 2017 – Adela Martinez and Timothy Engelsgard

Huck Richard Hanson – Parents are Jared & Christy (Deseyn) Hanson


Date Name
06/11 Bob & Dianne Dammann
06/16 Tim & Jody Paulson
06/17 Cliff & Jean Nyland
06/18 Alton & Dorothy Nybladh
06/19 Al & Ellen Anton
06/20 Pastor Mike & Karen Schendel
06/28 Dick & Norma Hvidsten
06/28 Tim & Darlene Bates
06/30 Jeff & Jami Nelson


 Leader – Nona Carl

  • Dave & Penny Jensen
  • Yvonne Kazmierczak
  • Shawn & Tara Kostrzewski
  • Jeff & Jami Nelson
  • Kris Ann Pietruszewski
  • Nina Platt
  • John and Mary Thorkildson


June 4th Kyler Szczepanski & Joey Kekke
June 11th Holly Jensen & Grace Thompson
June 18th  Zachary McGlynn & Kole Szczepanski
June 25th  William McGlynn & Jackson Kekke


June 4th  Mark & Beth Kroulik, Ralph & Audrey Swendseid Family
June 11th Geoff & Deanna Swendseid, Garry Kotts Family
June 18th   John & Shawna Peterson, Bruce & Aase Hamnes
June 25th   Ken & Pat Heggen, Matt Kroulik, Whitney & Ava Weisenberger


January Global Friends Coalition
February People’s Church
March Food Shelf
April Altru Hospice’s Camp Good Morning
May FLC Youth
June Faith Community Closet
July Domestic Violence Prevention
August People to People Project
September Northland Rescue Project
October Patrick/Jackie Bencke, Missionaries
November Marshall County Social Services
December Open

First Lutheran Church Church Council Minutes

May 10, 2017
Wednesday 7:00 pm

Meeting Called to order by Pat

Members Present Pat Heggen, Pastor Mike, Nina Platt, Michelle Weberg, Kris Ann Pietruszewski, James Parker, Ellen Anton

Devotions read by Pat

Secretary’s report read with one revision Kris Ann was not present at the April meeting

  • Approval of corrections of minutes will be made at the June Meeting
  • Treasures Report was presented
  • April Offerings were $14,610.81 with cash on hand after bills paid of $1072.64
  • There was no loose change gathered in April
  • Synod Benevolence has not been paid yet

Membership Change: None


  • Deacons – Gideons are looking to come in some time
  • Trustees – No report, Fountain is still not in operation
  • Parish Ed – No report
  • Stewardship – No Report
  • Trust Fund – Updating and sending letters to high school and college students regarding scholarships

Old Business

  1. No news on Fountain
  2. New Wedding policy
  • Addition is being made to allow for use of church for ceremonies for nonmembers
  • Current structure needs to be updated along with new fee schedule
  • $300 facility charge for nonmember
  • $50 charge for custodian, statement of billing for damages to the church
  • Recommended $100 charge for organist
  • Approval on new policy will be made at June meeting

New Business

  1. Church Signage – Recommended update and addition to handicap parking and accessibility. Signs on east side moved to accommodate needs.  Sign placed on west side stating that handicapped parking and access is on east side.  Trustees will look into getting signs
  2. Council Structure / Committees

Committees should meet before meeting to discuss.   Items of concern, presented to the council, will be placed on agenda for the committees to follow up on

Meeting notifications will be texted out

Summer meetings will stay at 7:00

No further business

Adjourned with the Lord’s Prayer

Next Meeting June 7, 2017 at 7:00 pm

JUNE 2017

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
           1 2 3
2:30 PM – Pastor Mike at Good Sam

6:00 PM – Baptism

4 5 6 7 8 9 10
9 am –Worship with Communion

10:15 am – Coffee / Fellowship

7:00 pm – Church Council


11                  12 13 14 15 16 17
9 am – Worship

10:15am – Coffee / Fellowship

9 am – QUILTING at the church


5:30-8:00 pm – First Community Closet open
LOOSE CHANGE – FCC       18 19 20       21   22 23 24
9 am – Worship & Communion

10:15 am – Coffee / Fellowship

2 PM – Pastor Mike at KMHC

9 am – Pastor Mike at Tamarac


Wedding – Adela Martinez & Timothy Engelsgard
25 26 30  
9 am – Worship with Baptism

10:15 am – Coffee / Fellowship




9 am – QUILTING at the church