First Perspective – May 2017



    How beautiful upon the mountains
             are the feet of the messenger
                     who announces peace,
                             who brings good news,
                                      who announces salvation,
                                                 who says to Zion, “Your God reigns.”

Isaiah 52:7 (NRSV)

This was the text for the sermon on my ordination day.  The preacher spoke of the role of a clergyperson to bring the good news to people.  I have remembered that text for all these years.  How unlikely it was to talk of someone’s beautiful feet?  Even then, I never thought of my feet as being beautiful.  In fact, I always thought it best to keep mine covered.  Still, one’s feet, as unlikely and unheralded and often dirty as they are, are made beautiful when they carry the good news which brings life and hope to others!  This one sentence tucked away in scripture announces to us so clearly each of us in important in God’s plan.  For each of us has been equipped to carry the good news to the world – no matter who we are.

Years ago, a mother of a young boy was talking with me.  She told me one of the aides at school had been supervising the playground when she overheard the young boy say to his friends, “we should let Billy play because I heard in church that we are supposed to be friends to everyone.”  I was very pleasantly pleased not just that the message was being heard, but also lived.  Imagine, a child whom we often overlook as being a messenger of the Gospel was very effectively sharing the good news and influencing the world!  God can and does use any and all of his children!

I was recently at a prayer service for a lady who had died.  For several years, she had lived in a nursing home.  Every evening, she would read her Bible.  One evening, her roommate who was nearly blind asked her what she was doing.  The lady mentioned she was reading her bible.  The roommate asked if she would read out loud so she could hear, too.

A couple of days after the lady died, the chaplain visited the roommate.  As they visited, the roommate asked, “who will read the Bible to me?”  How beautiful are the feet – those feet confined to a wheelchair, feet which no longer bore weight – how beautiful are those feet which brought good news!  And once again, a person often overlooked by society is sharing the Gospel in a very important way!

Those are two examples.  We, in the “prime of our lives” (and we can define that as we wish), have so many opportunities.  Every day we’re presented with occasions to share God’s love in a special way.  Do we share the Gospel as willingly as the people I just mentioned?

We’ve come through the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection!  The Good News has been made known to us.  And now, it’s left to us to share this good news.  We serve a God who is able to use each of us.  It doesn’t matter whether we are male or female, young or old, rich or poor, Lutheran or Catholic or Presbyterian.  God has called us to be his messengers.

Go out with the Gospel!  Go out into every corner of your life with the Gospel!

May God bless you and your beautiful feet as you share the Gospel!

Pastor Mike

Please join us in congratulating the FLC graduating seniors for 2017.  They include:

  • Kailyn Hrynshyn, daughter of Tiffany Hrynyshyn-Dufault
  • Conner Jensen, son of Brian & Betsy Jensen
  • Christopher McGlynn, son of Steve & Melanie McGlynn
  • Isaac Mills, son of Chris & Angie Mills
  • Parker Riopelle, son of Renae Riopelle

During worship service on May 14, we will recognize this accomplishment in their lives.  And as part of our church family we surround, support and encourage them as they pursue their life goals!

For those of you that have been to the second floor of the church lately, you’ll notice that there has been a bit of a change to one of the upstairs rooms. What once long ago was used as a Sunday school room, is now being used as a room to serve people in our community.

Faith Community Closet will be opening its door to the community for the first time on May 17th. It’s taken months of work to get to the point of being able to offer clothing items free of charge to people, but we are excited that people can start receiving all the wonderful items people have donated! You may have noticed bags upon bags of donations coming into the church off and on for a while now. Some of you have even hauled in your own items to donate!

Thank you for your donations! While we couldn’t offer items to others without the generous item donations and monetary donations we’ve received, there are other ways of helping. Please consider donating some of your time to Faith Community Closet. We appreciate any degree to which you’re able to give or volunteer!

As mentioned above, we will be opening to the community on May 17th from 5:30-8:00.  We will be open one day a month and by appointment. The days open will be posted in the Messenger and on the Faith Community Closet Facebook page.

Contact Staci Winge, Britni Gajeski, or Michaela Sustad for more information.



The Sign-up sheets are up if you would like to sign up for mowing the Church lawn.  This has worked very well in the past.  One may pick one week or more, as their schedule permits, to mow the lawn.  (Please write your name through the whole week you choose.)

We truly appreciate the many people who have helped us out in the past.  All your time and energy has kept our church facility looking nice throughout the summer.

Information Update Sheets

We are updating the church database to have a complete record of First Lutheran Church members and their families.  If you haven’t already done so, please pick up your update sheet in the back of the church, fill in the missing information, and return to Nina Platt.

 FLC Scholarships

Scholarship letters were sent out last week to eligible high school seniors.  To be eligible a senior must be confirmed and an active member of the church.  Please let us know if you if you did not receive your letter.

Also, past recipients who are still in school and have met the GPA requirements can apply for a 2017 award.  Please contact the church office for an application.


May 21st  – FLC Youth


The Northlands Rescue Mission, Grand Forks, will be sponsoring a luncheon and program on Thursday, June 8th from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM. The event, called Women’s Journey starts with a luncheon and includes a motivational message from Dave Sena, former Executive Director of the Mission.  Monies raised through the tickets for the event will benefit the Mission’s emergency services and life-transforming programs for homeless women.


Donations are always welcome for those in need. Linda Haugen and Sharon Kotts are working on projects for social services and other organizations. If you have any household items you would like to donate, please call, and arrangements will be made to pick them up.

They can take anything you would use in your own home. Things such as toasters, towels, brooms, curtains, furniture, bedding, lamps, clocks, dishes, silverware, pots and pans, coffee pots, and vacuums are just a few examples of things that can be recycled for others to use. If you have questions or items to donate, please call Sharon Kotts at 218-478-4726. Thank you


May 28, 2017 – Courtney Kotts (daughter of Garry & Sharon Kotts) and Luke Thompson

May 4 – Alexis Parker
May 26 – Charlee Rustad
May 27 – Ava Weisenberger

May 8 – Brian and Jean Hendricks
May 14 – Tamara and Trevor Benitt

Correction: the following announcement from last month’s newsletter should have read: Al Benson and the late Denise Benson.

January 19, 2017 – Evan Brynjar Meadows – Son of Brittany (Benson) & Dustin Meadows – 7 lbs. 1 oz.  Grandparents – The late Denise Benson. Great grandparents – Elaine Benson and Robert & Diane Dammann.

If you would like a birth announcement included in the bulletin, please provide details to Nina Platt or email


  • Leaders – Brian & Jean Hendricks
  • Mark and Kim Anderson
  • Al and Ellen Anton
  • Daniel and Kelsi Douglas
  • Tim and Darlene Bates
  • Nancy Gajeski
  • Larry and Pat Grabowska
  • Venita Rogus
  • Ralph and Audrey Swendseid


May 7th Seth McGregor & Carson Pagnac
May 14th Zac Fincher & Joey Kekke
 May 21st Ethan McGregor & Brady Pagnac
 May 28th Carly Pagnac & Elizabeth Parker


May 7th  Lon & Melissa Woinarowicz Family, Tom & Ann Woinarowicz
May 14th  Jessica Rogus Family, Nicole Thompson Family
May 21st  Gannon & Chrissy Nelson, Jeff & Jami Nelson
May 28th   Ken & Pat Heggen, Matt Kroulik, Whitney & Ava Weisenberger


January Global Friends Coalition
February People’s Church
March Food Shelf
April Altru Hospice’s Camp Good Morning
May FLC Youth
June Faith Community Closet
July Domestic Violence Prevention
August People to People Project
September Northland Rescue Project
October Patrick/Jackie Bencke, Missionaries
November Marshall County Social Services
December Open

First Lutheran Church Council Minutes
 April 5th, 2017

Members present: Pat Heggen, Pastor Mike, Michelle Weberg, Jami Nelson, Ellen Anton, Gannon Nelson, Jeff Noel, Michaela Sustad, Kathy Wright, Nic Thompson & Nina Platt

Pat Heggen called the meeting to order, Gannon Nelson led us in devotions. The secretary’s report was read and approved. The treasures report was approved as presented, it was noted the last two months have been short on funds.

Membership changes:

Transfer in: Garrett and Meghan Setterholm, Declan & Parker

No transfers out.

Reports from the Boards & Committees:

  • Board of Deacons: no report
  • Board of Trustees: Water fountain is still being discussed.
  • Board of Parish Education: Discussion was held on getting a curriculum for Wednesday school, Michaela is considering options.
  • Board of Stewardship: no report
  • Trust Fund Committee: Scholarship letters will go out soon

Old Business: The water fountain is being discussed yet, the new church sign is up, and Gannon will consider getting a board for the back of the new sign.

New Business: Discussion was held on the wedding policy; this will be updated and discussed at the next meeting. Michelle and KrisAnn will review it with Pastor Mike. Nina has a new version of the newsletter for the council to review; this will be coming out in April.  Nina is working on updating records in the office.  Reports for the newsletter will be due the 24th of each month.

Adjourned with the Lord’s Prayer.  The next meeting will be May 10th at 7:00 PM. Nic Thompson will give the devotions.

Acting Secretary
Michelle Weberg